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Posted on October 1, 2018 at 4:00 AM

Join me at 8:00 on Saturday, October 20, in the Magic Kingdom Ballroom 3 at ASBH 2018 for “Nonbeneficial Treatment: Across State Lines.”

This panel presentation will explore various approaches to management of requests for Non-Beneficial Treatment from three different health systems in California, Michigan, and Nevada. 

The presentation will focus on a) legislation impacting health care decision-making in these states, b) policies adopted by institutions to address this challenging clinical situation, and c) a discussion of the financial impact of requests for Non-Beneficial Treatment on an organization. 

The panelists are professionally trained clinical ethicists from interdisciplinary backgrounds. First panelist will reflect on California Probate Code and the experience of a health care institution through policy development and ethics consultations around Non-Beneficial Treatments. The presenter will also discuss a case that was challenged in court. 

Second panelist will present the current Non-Beneficial Treatment policy at a large health system in Michigan. The presenter will discuss applicable state law, and current proposed legislation from partisan organizations that would affect institutions’ and healthcare providers’ abilities to refuse to provide non-beneficial life-sustaining treatments. 

Third panelist will review current approach to Non-Beneficial Treatment requests at a Nevada health care institution. The panelist will discuss current efforts by the health system to positively impact Nevada legislation on Non-Beneficial Treatment. These efforts are focused on clarifying health care provider obligations within legislation regarding health care decision-making. 

Last panelist will focus on a study performed to assess the cost of Non-Beneficial Treatment cases for an organization. The presenter will also address the context for the study and the ethical challenges these conflict situations pose for the organization.

Shilpa Shashidhara, PhD
Ana Tyler, JD, MA
Robert Fulbright, JD, MA
Ruchika Mishra

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