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Brain Death Challenges – Podcast

One of the most fundamental questions that a doctor may be asked to answer is the following:  Is this man or is that woman dead? The wonderful Accad & Koka Report podcast has covered brain death twice in the past few weeks.

Episode 45 (11-22-18)
Fred Rincon, MD, who is a Assistant Professor of Neurology at Jefferson University Medical Center in Philadelphia.
We revisit the question of brain death, this time with a more practical focus. What should doctors tell families of patients who fulfill neurological criteria for brain death? 

Episode 35 (10/11/18)
D. Alan Shewmon, MD, Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Neurology at UCLA. 
His work, comprising decades of well-documented clinical observations and reflections, is now known as “Shewmon’s challenge,” a compelling rebuke to the principal arguments put forth to defend the concept of brain death.

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