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Posted on December 5, 2018 at 4:30 AM

The Colorado Healthcare Ethics Forum (CHEF) 2019 conference will be April 11-12, 2019, at the Stonebrook Event Center in Thornton, Colorado. The title is “Promoting Health or Creating Chaos? The Ethical Implications of Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare.”

CHEF is committed to promoting ethical practice and collaboration by providing education and resources for clinicians, ethicists, educators, administrators, community members, and all who have an interest in the ethical dimensions of healthcare. 

This year’s conference will examine disruptive innovations in healthcare and bioethics. Webster’s dictionary defines disruptive as, “to throw into disorder” or “to interrupt the normal course or unity of…” In other words, do disruptive technologies, practices, and policy-oriented innovations in healthcare contribute more to promoting health or creating chaos in the lives of patients, loved ones, and caregivers?

Topics for conference presentations can include: discipline-specific issues in nursing, palliative care, hospice, spiritual care, and social work; technological advances such as those in surgical, genetic, and pharmaceutical industries; national, state, and hospital health policy; economic innovations in insurance and indigent care; strategies to address upstream economic drivers of healthcare funding; and the electronic medical record. Speakers are encouraged to consider both helpful and harmful dimensions of innovations in healthcare and provide insights for dealing with chaos at both bedside and structural levels of care.

CHEF hopes to learn with and from you about creative approaches, promising practices, and other work responding to the structural issues of 21st century healthcare. We are particularly interested in practical presentations that provide diverse responses to disruptive innovations that trickle down to the bedside to create more chaos than health, more moral distress than resolution.

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