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Posted on January 18, 2019 at 4:31 PM

Please join me in Atlanta on March 21 & 22, 2019, for the 25th Annual Conference of the Healthcare Ethics Consortium and the Emory University Center for Ethics – “Deeply Rooted: Healthcare Ethics in an Era of Change.”

Day One – Thursday, March 21, 2019

Healthcare Ethics’ Deep Roots in the Nature of Death/End of Life

Looking back/looking forward
Medical Futility/Medically Ineffective Treatment
50 years since the Harvard Report on Brain Death
8:45   Welcome
Kathy Kinlaw, MDiv, Director, Healthcare Ethics Consortium
9:00   Keynote Speaker:  
Thaddeus Pope, JD, PhD, Health Law Professor and Bioethicist, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Minnesota 

10:45  Panel discussion 

Interdisciplinary conversation on the nature of death & implications for patient care

Autonomy in an Era of Change

1:15   The Evolution of “Respect for Autonomy”                  

Tara Adyanthaya, JD, MBE, TLA Healthcare Ethics Consulting and Morris Manning &Martin, LLP (Overview/framing speaker)        
1:30  What Does Respect for Autonomy Mean in Practice? Managing Expectations and Conflicts 
Clinical Case and Panel Discussion
Patient and healthcare professionals’ expectations and values; Communication; Conflict management; “Dignity of Risk”

2:50   Does Informed Consent Exist – and What Does the Future Hold? 

Dr. Ben Stoff, MD, MA, Associate Professor of Dermatology, Emory School of Medicine (Overview/framing speaker and Moderator)  

Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion

4:00   Autonomy in an Era of Change:  What Issues Do New Technologies Raise?

Panel Discussion 
Genetic Engineering, Prenatal Diagnosis and Interventions, De-identified Data Streams Leading to Reidentification of Patients/Research Subjects; Neuroethics

Day Two – Friday, March 22, 2019

Measuring and Predicting the Future

8:30   Metric Indicators in Healthcare  
Dr. Adrienne Mims, MD, MPH, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Alliant GMCF (Overview/framing speaker)
8:45   The Ethical Dimensions of Quality Measurement and Metrics
Panel Discussion 
Mary Lynn Dell, MD, DMin, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Pediatrics physician, Ohio State University
Bruce Greenfield, PhD, Professor of Physical Therapy, Emory University
Michael McDaniel, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, Emory School of Medicine
Melissa Lauren Wood, MA, Assistant Bioethicist, St Joseph’s/Candler, Savannah

10:40 Predicting the Future

Paul Root Wolpe, PhD, Director, Emory University Center for Ethics (Overview/framing speaker)
Panel Discussion 
Preventive technology/diagnosis/treating prodromal stages of conditions

12:00  Presentation of Heroes in Healthcare Ethics Award

Human Touch/Human Care and the New Technologies

1:15   Humanizing Bioethics – Deeply Rooted

2:00   Remote Technologies, Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence & Keeping Care for the Patient Central
John Banja, PhD, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine; Medical Ethicist, Center for Ethics, Emory University
(Overview/framing speaker and Moderator)  

Panel Discussion 

3:30   On the Cusp: Predictions for the Future of Healthcare Ethics 

Interdisciplinary Discussion with Early Career Leaders
Early Career Leaders Panel Discussion Physicians, Nurse, Social Worker, Pastoral Care…

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