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Posted on January 5, 2019 at 5:20 PM
We have quite a
selection of class and experiential offerings in health law and healthcare
compliance, this semester, at Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Plus, these are just the offerings for JD students. We also have programs for working professionals (and here) and for undergraduates. Just wait until
you see what we have for Summer 2019.

Doctrinal Classes
  • Drug & Device Law
  • Health Law Organization
    & Finance
  • Health Law Quality &
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Healthcare Compliance Skills
  • Healthcare Compliance
    Governance & Ethics
  • Genetics Law, Ethics, Policy
  • Health Law Seminar
  • Independent Study Health Law

Experiential Options

  • Health Law Clinic (Medical
    Legal Partnership)
  • Health Law Externship
  • Health Law Residency
  • Elder Justice Policy

Simulation Options
  • National Health Law
    Transactional Moot Court Competition
  • Health Law Regulatory
    & Compliance Competition

Related Classes
  • Mergers &
  • Estate Planning
  • Compliance Externship

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