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Posted on May 13, 2019 at 5:55 PM

Does  the above animation tell us anything about the
patient-doctor relationships which has been amply described
and detailed on this blog thread?  Could any of the patient
reactions to the actions of the physician or the medical system
simply be a natural reflex to some actions by the profession which
were not intended to be traumatic? Could some actions of the
professionals be well intended (in this example to test for neurologic
reflex impairment) and  yet turn out to appear that it was not fully

In this analogy, by working together, could the patient have reminded
the physician, based on the patient’s previous experience that the doctor
may be sitting too close for the test?  Usually, patients know more about
themselves and their reactions (both emotional and physical) and the
physician deserves to be informed in advance. So..the message again
to the patient: “Speak up”.

Graphic: From
via Google Images

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