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Posted on July 29, 2019 at 1:12 PM

There is no doubt that, in these modern times of medical system-patient interaction where we have taken away autonomy from the medical system and delivered it to the patient while scrubbing off the eons-long paternalism, a previous hallmark behavior of the physician and the medical system, we face clinical interactions, reported many such clinical interactions and behaviors, that tend to diminish this decision for this switch of “who is the decider”. Some of this unethical “switchover” is based on medical professional “monetary greed”  and some nationally publicized or otherwise patient-experienced based on sexual or other self-interest “greed” or just plain ignorance of ethical professional behavior. So, currently, here in America and perhaps to various extents in other countries, those of us, active or potentially future patients who believe in ethical medical professional behavior should see these professional misbehaviors or “worse” and  should require action started now to contribute to make changes in the medical system to prevent destruction of the inherent dignity properties of all patients.  The methodology to promote and make these changes should continue to be the goal for discussion here.  Yes, “ventilation” of one’s past noxious experiences may be personally therapeutic from an emotional point of view but unless the discussion includes approaches to  prevent these traumas from recurring (GETTING RID OF THE BAD APPLES AND BAD APPLE BEHAVIOR) should be the goal of this blog thread.  ..Maurice.

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