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Posted on January 16, 2020 at 10:44 AM

While all ten MAID jurisdictions in the United States follow the Oregon model, they do not follow it exactly. There are key variations in (1) the waiting periods, (2) the manner of drug administration, (3) opt-out rights, and (4) other dimensions.

Hawaii has some of the most demanding requirements. For example, while most states require a 15-day waiting period, Hawaii requires 20 days. While most states require only two capacity assessments, Hawaii requires three.

In a new report to the Legislature, the Hawaii Department of Health recommends two changes to the Our Care, Our Choice Act:
(1) “Waiver of waiting periods if the attending provider and consulting provider agree that patient death is likely prior to the end of the waiting periods”
(2) “Authorizing advance practice registered nurses to serve as attending providers for patients seeking medical aid in dying”

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