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Posted on March 9, 2020 at 4:30 AM

Oklahoma already has some of the strongest non-discrimination laws concerning end-of-life medical treatment. New legislation (H.B. 2587), originally titled the “Oklahoma Pro Life Advancement Act,” will extend this non-discrimination rules to payment & coverage. 

The literature on  rationing in the Oregon Medicaid program suggests that prohibiting reliance in QALYs makes some sense with coverage. But since the patient’s disability is often relevant in end-of-life treatment decisions, limiting consideration produces bad results.

The relevant text of the bill states:

“An agency shall be prohibited from developing or employing a dollars-per-quality adjusted life year, or similar measure that discounts the value of a life because of an individual’s disability, including age or chronic illness, as a threshold to establish what type of health care is cost effective or recommended. An agency shall be prohibited from utilizing such adjusted life year, or similar measure, as a threshold to determine coverage, reimbursement, incentive programs or utilization management decisions, whether it comes from within the agency or from any third party.”

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