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Posted on May 17, 2020 at 2:12 PM

Graphic: : St Roch Ministering to Plague Victims
by Jacopo Tintoretto (Italian, 1518-1594)

Yes, there is science. Yes, there are politics. Yes, there are laws to obey. Yes, there is religious doctrine. Yes, there is public opinion. And yes, there is the ethics–the concept of fulfilling all  these domains fairly, logically and yet in the direction of “doing good”. 

In the dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, ethical issues are fully present and ethical issues cannot be ignored if it is the goal to proceed to a better and safe and healthy society despite our current handicaps.  

To get a quick idea of the scope of the consideration of ethics and its role in this present pandemic, simply go to the website of a major ethics institution, the Hastings Center and learn what was of already being considered in March of this year.  

At the time of initiating this blog thread in May, a lot has happened since March and in so many ways the ethics of what has happened and what is considered to happen in the months ahead require our understanding and consideration.  ..Maurice.

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