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Posted on May 22, 2020 at 11:33 AM

I have a guest editorial in the June 2020 American Journal of Bioethics. Fifteen articles discuss whether clinicians should get consent for brain death testing. 

Brain Death Testing: Time for National Uniformity
Thaddeus Mason Pope

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Requiring Consent for Apnea Testing in Brain Death Determination
Ivor Berkowitz & Jeremy R. Garrett

Beyond the Apnea Test: An Argument to Broaden the Requirement for Consent to the Entire Brain Death Evaluation
Erin Paquette, Joel Frader, Seema Shah, Robert C. Tasker & Robert Truog

The Case Against Solicitation of Consent for Apnea Testing
Dhristie Bhagat & Ariane Lewis

Apnea Testing is Medical Treatment Requiring Informed Consent
Greg Yanke, Mohamed Y. Rady, Joseph Verheijde & Joan McGregor

Informed Consent Should Not Be Required for Apnea Testing and Arguing It Should Misses the Point
Armand H. Matheny Antommaria, William Sveen & Erika L. Stalets

Requiring Consent for Brain-Death Testing: A Perilous Proposal
Joseph Bertino & Jordan Potter

Shared Decision-Making in the Determination of Death by Neurologic Criteria
Alexander A. Kon

Restoring Trust and Requiring Consent in Death by Neurological Criteria
L. Syd M Johnson

Can’t Hit Pause? On the Constitutive Elements of Responsible Ventilator Management & the Apnea Test
Kevin M. Dirksen & Lilith Judd

Determining Death and the Scope of Medical Obligations
D. Micah Hester

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Ethically Untenable Act of Not Looking
Christian J. Vercler & Naomi Tricot Laventhal

The Apnea Test: Requiring Consent for a Test That is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Not Fit for Purpose, and Always Confounded?
Ari R. Joffe

Death Determination and Clinicians’ Epistemic Authority
David Rodríguez-Arias, Alberto Molina-Pérez & Gonzalo Díaz-Cobacho

Accommodating Apnea Testing Not Death Determination Refusal
Christos Lazaridis

Informed Consent for Apnea Testing: Meeting the Standard of Care
Brian Michael Jackson

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