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Posted on May 30, 2020 at 7:11 PM

Graphic by Sidney Harris  from American Scientist

In these current days of a world-wide pandemic of the deadly COVID-19 virus infection
and as of the origination of this blog thread there is concern as to how long testing for an
effective vaccine will take, the above image from the book “What’s So Funny About
Science”  from American Scientist can set a worthy ethical and philosophic topic  to start.
Should science and the population of our planet ever think of creating a “vaccine” that would
or even attempted to “could” lead to human immortality?

If so, would the current space flight experiments provide the necessary movement from our
current planet Earth to elsewhere in space which at first will become less crowded?
Silly issue, immortality?  What might the reasons be against this science breakthrough?

Hopefully, the vaccine for COVID-19 will be available and tested and found effective
soon to bring this ongoing pandemic to an end.  But the question regarding immortality
does “live on”.   ..Maurice.

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