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Posted on May 8, 2020 at 1:12 PM

“Manning up” as a patient in a patient-doctor or patient-nursing staff relationship may end up
losing the very tool for improvement and change.  This was emphasized by Biker in his
Comment in Volume 110: “to the extent men have manned up rather than spoken up, we are guilty of shifting all the blame onto the healthcare establishment rather than owning up that we do share some of the blame for the way things are. By our silence we have enabled those who in turn took advantage of the situation to perpetuate the matriarchy of medicine“.

If you look carefully at the above graphic of Satiri published by Wikipedia via Google Images: (Satyr leaning on a tree trunk. Roman copy of the Imperial era after a Greek original of the Late Classicism) 
you will see that the “tool” for action and change had been broken off, missing.  I think this  graphic supports the analogy.  Attention to “manning up” by the man involved may have led to missing
important potentials for valuable change in the medical system beneficial to all men.   Thanks Biker for providing an entry topic for his new next Volume.  ..Maurice.

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