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Posted on June 10, 2020 at 12:23 PM
June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). 
Elder abuse is defined in state law,
and the definitions vary from state to state. The American Bar Association
Commission on Law and Aging (ABA COLA) has updated its resource of state elder
abuse definitions to help lawyers understand elder abuse in their state.
In addition, ABA COLA has updated their mandatory and permissive reporting
chart, as well as the power of attorney chart. The statutory charts look at
selected issues in the law and the citations chart helps you find the
complete text of elder abuse and long-term care ombudsmen laws in every
·  Elder abuse reporting laws, processes, and selected case
in all states and territories. This chart is useful for locating
reporting requirements and portals in other states, or for comparing laws in
different states. 

·  Selected issues in Power of Attorney law in
all 50 states. Power of attorney law is very state-specific—this chart looks at
critical issues such as statutory forms, third party recognition, and fees on a
state by state basis and provides a citation to the law with links to publicly
available sources wherever possible. 

·  Citations to state elder abuse and Long-Term Care
Ombudsman statutes
with links to public sources wherever possible.
This listing provides citations and links to entire state laws.

Additional statutory charts can be found on the ABA website. Additionally, more resources and
information can be found in the NCLER Elder Justice Toolkit, a
practice-oriented resource for attorneys and advocates that provides guidance
on pursuing civil legal remedies in elder abuse cases. NCLER also offers case
consultations to professionals and is available to work with organizations and
programs that would like assistance with planning and capacity-building to
address elder abuse. 

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