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American Journal of Bioethics.

A Review of: ?Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Robert A. Crouch, John D. Arras, et al., eds. 2004? Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research: Readings and Commentary

Educational material for instruction in the ethics of clinical research is widely available in the form of journal articles, books, and, more recently, in multiple venues and formats on the Internet. Institutions engaged in human subjects research have developed a wide variety of online instructional courses for clinical investigators and members of their institutional review boards. Recipients of research funds (and certain collaborating clinical and laboratory colleagues) from the National Institutes of Health are required to complete an educational course in the protection of human research participants. Many institutions have extended this educational requirement to all clinical investigators, irrespective of the source of their financial support. Introductory and advanced courses, seminars, and workshops for educators in the Responsible Conduct of Research are now a regular feature at meetings for the research ethics community, such as the annual meeting conducted by Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research.

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Volume 5, Issue 3
May 2005