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American Journal of Bioethics.

AJOB 2.0: Taking Bioethics to a New Level

Since its inception nearly 15 years ago, the vision behind the American Journal of Bioethics was to create a premier bioethics journal that would engender spirited academic debate and invite broader public conversation. Traditional bioethics journals were good at publishing articles. But they rarely generated any immediate conversation. The premise behind AJOB was different. Because so many of the topics we cover in our journal are timely and even cutting edge, we believed that it was essential to broaden the discourse. From the very beginning, we utilized a Target Article format accompanied by several Open Peer Commentaries. These Target Articles are typically selected for their originality and ability to push the boundaries of our field. The Open Peer Commentaries facilitated multiple responses from experts in the field. It’s been a fruitful and successful format. […]

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Volume 14, Issue 8
August 2014

Target Articles.

Whither Brain Death? James L. Bernat
Changing the Conversation About Brain Death Robert D. Truog & Franklin G. Miller


AJOB 2.0: Taking Bioethics to a New Level David Magnus, Kayhan Parsi & Richard Sharp