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AJOB Primary Research.

Content Analysis of Major Textbooks and Online Resources Used in Responsible Conduct of Research Instruction

Instruction in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) is required for all trainees funded by the National Institues of Health (NIH) or National Science Foundation (NSF). A recent Delphi study identified 53 key topics in 7 core areas that RCR education experts felt should be included in this instruction, which is required of many trainees in clinical and translational research. We performed a content analysis of major textbooks and online resources used in RCR instruction to determine the extent to which the 53 key topics identified in the Delphi study are covered by these resources. Textbooks and online resources used in RCR education at Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions were identified via survey. These resources were subjected to a content analysis. The 53 key topics identified in the Delphi study formed the basis of these analyses. We identified 10 textbooks and 1 online resource currently in use. Of the 53 key topics, only 4 were included in all 11 resources, and another 12 were included in 10. Twenty-three topics were covered in fewer than 65% of the resources, and two topics were absent from nearly all. Educators in clinical and translational research should be aware of key topics that are not covered in the RCR textbooks and online resources they may use and should consider augmenting discussion of such topics with other materials.

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Volume 2, Issue 1
January 2011