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American Journal of Bioethics.

Critically Appraising Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis to Prevent Disorders of Sexual Development: An Opportunity Missed

Rob Sparrow (2013) undertakes a critical appraisal of the idea that the use of prenatal genetic diagnosis (PGD) to prevent the occurrence of disorders of sexual development (DSD) should be regarded as ethically suspect, at best, or impermissible, at worst. Like Gaul, Sparrow’s critical appraisal divides into three parts: the clinical need for PGD to prevent DSD; motivating objections to PGD to prevent DSD; and undercutting those objections. I consider each separately. […]

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Volume 13, Issue 10
October 2013

Target Articles.

Sports Medicine and Ethics Daniela Testoni, Christoph P. Hornik, P. Brian Smith, Daniel K. Benjamin Jr. & Ross E. McKinney Jr.