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AJOB Neuroscience.

Direct-to-Consumer Neurotechnology: What Is It and What Is It for?

The use of neurotechnology applications in the consumer domain for extra-clinical purposes has recently raised significant attention among researchers. Different labels have been used in the attempt to define this heterogeneous and rapidly developing technological market. Among others: ‘consumer’, ‘consumer-directed’, and ‘direct-to-consumer (DTC)’ neurotechnology.

A taxonomy is starting to emerge from this discussion. While prima facie synonymous, these labels identify non-identical intersectional subsets of neurotechnology. Consumer neurotechnology is the subset of all neurotechnological applications used in the consumer market. This subset includes two main categories: (i) the study of consumer behavior in the neuromarketing setting; and (ii) DTC devices & services for personal use.

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Volume 10, Issue 4
October 2019