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AJOB Neuroscience.

Ethical Perspectives on Neuromarketing: An Interview With Will Allred

We are building a neuromarketing platform for digital teams. We are building the infrastructure for a much larger marketing platform with our first product, our audience analytics tool. Within our customer’s marketing lists, we identify the individual personalities that make up their audience. We can then help our customers connect with their audience in more effective ways. We currently can help them through personalized direct response campaigns, like e-mail, or we can use the segmented audience to build look-alike advertising audiences through Facebook that we can target with more effective communications. The idea is to communicate with people on their terms and provide digital experiences that are more psychologically attuned to them. At its core that’s our product; we’re creating an experience attuned to personality. So, while there might not be much difference between, say, two kinds of athletic footwear brands, how should an ad about them speak to potential buyers in ways that really resonate with them?

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Volume 10, Issue 2
June 2019