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American Journal of Bioethics.

Global Aging and the Allocation of Health Care Across the Life Span

By the middle of this century, China will have 332 million people 65¬†years old or older, more elderly people than there were on the whole globe in 1990. Though China, like many developing countries, will grow old before it grows rich, even much richer countries with low fertility rates, like Italy or Spain, may not be able to sustain transfer schemes from a shrinking working-age population to a rapidly growing elderly one. Ironically, societal aging, while the result of successful policies to reduce both birth and mortality rates, poses the largest public health issue of this century. Health systems everywhere are ill prepared to meet the health needs of societal aging. The bioethical problem is how we can meet health needs fairly over the life span. […]

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Volume 13, Issue 8
August 2013