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American Journal of Bioethics.

I, My Love, and Apps

In this issue, Danaher, Nyholm, and Earp offer a thorough analysis of the quantified self movement as applied to relationships. Quantification is a trend toward charting, coding, and recording our everyday activities. Think of activity trackers that record your number of steps, sedentary time, even the amount of sleep you get. Now apply that same concept to your relationship and even your performance in the bedroom: who in the relationship has given more compliments, offered more foot rubs, and completed more chores this week? Like the annual performance review at work, these new apps and devices allow us to be scored, graded, and compared based on our relationship actions.

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Volume 18, Issue 2
February 2018

Target Articles.

The Quantified Relationship John Danaher, Sven Nyholm & Brian D. Earp
Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in a Tertiary Care Veterinary Specialty Hospital: Adaptation of the Human Clinical Consultation Committee Model Philip M. Rosoff, Jeannine Moga, Bruce Keene, Christopher Adin, Callie Fogle, Rachel Ruderman, Heather Hopkinso & Charity Weyhrauch


I, My Love, and Apps Craig Klugman