American Journal of Bioethics.

Overthrowing the Tyranny of the Journal Impact Factor

When my wife (a librarian) was first working at an academic library I learned a lot about collection development, including how librarians decided which journals they would subscribe to. Twenty five years ago, there were reference publications that provided librarians with information about what the “top” journals in each field were. In philosophy, information was available that described which journals a library should have if they only had space for a small number of journals. Most of those reference publications were weak on methodology and lacked transparency in their process. They have largely vanished, replaced by more rigorous methodologies such as those developed by ISI to measure the value of journals as a tool to help librarians make collection development decisions. By far the most prominent of these methodologies was the Journal Impact Factor (JIF). […]

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Volume 13, Issue 7
July 2013