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Prescription for Practice: Pharmacists on Moral Conscience Clauses

Federal regulations (45 CFR 88) from the Bush Administration protect health care providers who refuse to provide care due to moral objections. These federal rules expand the previous Church Amendment. Previously, states had varied policies regarding pharmacists ranging from requiring filling, to requiring transfer, to permitting refusal. This survey of the pharmacists of one state asked about agreement and belief with conscience clauses. Nevada requires pharmacists to fill all legal and safe prescriptions. Among 668 responses from licensed Nevada pharmacists, 47.9% believed they should not be required to fill all valid prescriptions. While 43.4% think they would refuse a prescription if allowed, 76.9% believe a prescription transfer should be required. Twenty-eight percent knew of cases of refusals despite state regulations requiring filling prescriptions. Only 1 respondent in a remote rural area said he would refuse to fill on moral grounds.

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Volume 1, Issue 2
April 2010

Essays & Articles.

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