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American Journal of Bioethics.

Serious Ethical Violations by Physicians: What’s the Solution?

These are trying times in regard to public trust. In an era when the Catholic Church chose to protect pedophilic priests rather than young congregants, many traditionally trusted figures in our society (doctors, presidents, police) have faced increased scrutiny. As DuBois and colleagues demonstrate in their article, there are numerous cases involving physicians where close scrutiny appears to be justified. Physicians are given access to people’s lives and vulnerabilities, and there is an expectation that concomitant with that access the physician will hold their patients’ best interests first. That trust is violated when instead the physician acts in a self-interested way to obtain sex, drugs, or money. What can be done to prevent, or at least limit, serious ethical violations by physicians?

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Volume 19, Issue 1
January 2019

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Serious Ethical Violations in Medicine: A Statistical and Ethical Analysis of 280 Cases in the United States From 2008–2016 James M. DuBois, Emily E. Anderson, John T. Chibnall, Jessica Mozersky & Heidi A. Walsh
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