American Journal of Bioethics.

“Show Me” Bioethics and Politics

Missouri, the “Show Me State,” has become the epicenter of several
important national public policy debates, including abortion rights,
the right to choose and refuse medical treatment, and, most recently,
early stem cell research. In this environment, the Center for Practical
Bioethics (formerly, Midwest Bioethics Center) emerged and grew. The
Center’s role in these “cultural wars” is not to advocate for a
particular position but to provide well researched and objective
information, perspective, and advocacy for the ethical justification of
policy positions; and to serve as a neutral convener and provider of a
public forum for discussion. In this article, the Center’s work on
early stem cell research is a case study through which to argue that
not only the Center, but also the field of bioethics has a critical
role in the politics of public health policy.

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Volume 7, Issue 10
October 2007