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AJOB Neuroscience.

To Be or Not To Be Involved in Neuroethics: An Entrepreneurial Perspective

As the CEO and founder of a neurotech company, I have often reflected on the possibility of unintended uses of the amazing technology we have developed. Entrepreneurs persevere with the highest level of uncertainty and risk not because we like it, but because we know that it is the only way to achieve our dreams, and to innovate you really have to go the extra mile. We have a vision and are usually impact-driven, an impact that in most cases aims to improves the lives of many people.

If you ask any entrepreneur about the misuse of technology and its ethical implications, they will probably respond that they are following ethical principles. Of course their primary mission is to make a better world, so misue of the technology is simply not in their plan. The key question that challenges many entrepreneurs is how the technology will ultimately be used.

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Volume 10, Issue 4
October 2019