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American Journal of Bioethics.

We Are People, Not Clusters!

As advocates and scholars, including people living with HIV, we have been engaged in a critical debate over molecular HIV surveillance (MHS), as well as its antecedent and future practices. We have elaborated our concerns on the ethical implications and potential harms MHS poses to our communities, in academic fora (Bernard et al. 2007; Chung et al. 2019; Dawson et al. 2020; Gilbert et al. 2016; McClelland et al. 2019; Nelson 2020), as public education initiatives (Legacy Project 2019; Sero Project 2020), in the media (Kempner 2019; Nelson 2020), and as protests (Artavia 2019). The critique of MHS has similarly been advanced by other scholars and activists concerned by the ethical challenges it poses (Benbow and Evans 2017; Coltart et al. 2018; Gilbert et al. 2016; Mutenherwa et al. 2019; Sandset 2020).

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Volume 20, Issue 10
September 2020

Target Articles.

Duties When an Anonymous Student Health Survey Finds a Hot Spot of Suicidality Arnold H. Levinson, M. Franci Crepeau-Hobson, Marilyn E. Coors, Jacqueline J. Glover, Daniel S. Goldberg & Matthew K. Wynia


We Are People, Not Clusters! Edwin J. Bernard, Alexander McClelland, Barb Cardell, Cecilia Chung, Marco Castro-Bojorquez, Martin French, Devin Hursey, Naina Khanna, Mx Brian Minalga, Andrew Spieldenner & Sean Strub