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Google Maps and Moral Authority

At a recent conference held for the leadership of state veterinary medical associations, I had the opportunity to listen to the sobering economic statistics that veterinary medicine faces. These are not, by the way, altogether new or shocking (I’ve listened to them and read them well before the average new graduate entered the profession with the 2.7:1 debt to income ratio of the Class of… // Read More »

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Persons, Personhood, and Primates

Back in December of 2013, Steve Phillips wrote a splendid blog on the legal case in New York that sought to establish rights for non-human primates (specifically, chimpanzees) based upon the concept of personhood. It captured the essence of the issue effectively enough that, with uncharacteristic wisdom and restraint, I felt no need to add to the discussion. This issue is not, of course, closed… // Read More »

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