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What’s the Story with Addiction?

by Katie Grogan, DMH, MA

Taylor Wilson was a 21-year-old woman, described by her parents as a bookworm and aspiring librarian. She also struggled with an opioid addiction. Wilson was on leave from college, seeking treatment in West Virginia—the state with the highest drug-related death rate in the nation, where the need for recovery resources tremendously outstrips the supply—waiting for a nearby rehabilitation center to tell her if a bed had opened up. Tragically, that call came too late, just days after Wilson’s mother found her dead of a fatal overdose from a spiked batch of heroin.

Wilson’s story is not necessarily unique.…

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Medical Photography Exposed – Part I

An Interview with Emily Milam, MS4, NYU School of Medicine, Rudin Fellow 2014-15 By: Katie Grogan, DMH, Associate Director, Master Scholars Program in Humanistic Medicine, NYU School of Medicine The Rudin Fellowship in Medical Ethics and Humanities supports medical trainees at NYU School of Medicine - including medical students, residents, […]

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