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This post is a response to a previous blog, “Ending Privacy As We Know It”(January 10, 2019)

by Nancy M. P. King

The difficulty of maintaining privacy highlights the importance of the difference between privacy and confidentiality: if we try to keep as much as possible private because we’re worried about what will happen to it if shared at all, we risk forgoing the extremely important work of setting up rules for dealing with shared-but-still-confidential information.   As you note, GINA is imperfect on that score; so, of course, is HIPAA.  And when researchers collect identifiable information or biospecimens, in many instances the new Common Rule reduces the role of the IRB to a “limited review” of confidentiality protections. …

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by Nancy King, JD

I have just read your August 25 post on the EPA studies. While, I do not know that much about these particular exposure studies, I do know that EPA is taking the inquiry very seriously. I do want to question and clarify some of your discussion, principally with respect to Resnik’s 4th and 5th criteria.

You say: “Criteria 4, that the subject must “receive some benefits, such as medical evaluations” seems like a very light standard. If the medical evaluation were part of the study and data was being used for the study, would it be a benefit?

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