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Bioethics Events

Monday, November 18th, 2019 - Tuesday, November 19th
Event Tile: 14th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
LOCATION: Johannesburg, Johannesburg, ME Conferences, South Africa
CONTACT: Cassandra Wilson
TELEPHONE: +44-2088190774

Dementia Conference 2019 welcomes you to grace with your presence. 14th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa during November 18-19, 2019. This Dementia2019 Conference will bring University professors, Neuro Psychologists, Neuro Chemist, Neurophysiologist, Neurosurgeons, Neurology organization & societies, Neuromuscular Specialist, Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical companies globally with the theme of “A Global Forum to Advance Dementia Science”.

Topics Discussed:
• Alzheimer’s Diseases
• Parkinson’s Diseases
• Vascular Dementia
• Childhood Trauma and Dementia
• Alzheimer Disease and Cellular Mechanisms
• Neurovascular Dysfunction and Neurodegeneration
• Molecular Genetics and Biology of Dementia
• Medical Biotechnology and Alzheimer’s Disease
• Neurological Diseases
• Molecular and Cellular Basis of Neurodegeneration
• Neuroimaging Biomarkers
• Alzheimer’s and the Brain
• Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials and Studies
• Diagnostic Alzheimer
• Neurodegenerative Diseases
• Dementia Care and Consulting