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Bioethics Events

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 - Friday, February 28th
Event Tile: 2020 Carol Carfang Nursing & Healthcare Ethics Conference
LOCATION: Clearwater, FL, United States
CONTACT: Kellie Collier

Advancing ethical practice in health-care requires grappling with difficult, often complex ethical problems and dilemmas. In this new forum, a diverse group of ethicists, philosophers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will meet to address contemporary ethical issues in healthcare, and will discuss solutions to the most challenging problems for ethical practice and policy.

The 2020 Carol Carfang Nursing & Healthcare Ethics Conference includes speakers, panels, and presentations, as well as receptions and other opportunities to meet, greet, and discuss with a wide array of professionals interested in healthcare ethics. Please join us in Clearwater, Florida in February for this unique opportunity.