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Bioethics Events

Monday, October 19th, 2020 - Tuesday, October 20th
Event Tile: 2nd World Conferences on Vaccine and Immunology
LOCATION: Helsinki, Finland
CONTACT: Alissa Adams

We are cordially inviting all the participants across the world to attend 2ndWorld conference on Vaccine and Immunology in Helsinki, Finland, which is to be held on October 19-20, 2020. The theme of the conference is “Focusing on New Advances in Vaccine Design, Research, and Development”. It will provide a global platform to discuss about the present and future developments and advances in Vaccines, Immunoresearch, Immunotechnology and Next generation Vaccines.

Target Audience:
• Immunology Researchers
• Immunology Faculty
• Directors, CEOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents
• Medical Colleges
• Vaccine Developers and Investigators
• Vaccine &Immunology Associations and Societies
• Deans and Professors
• Eminent Personalities
• CMO / Head of Scientific Affairs
• Clinical Data Management Companies
• Business Entrepreneurs
• Training Institutes
• Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
• Vaccines & Immunization, Scientists
• Academic Professionals
• Research labs
• Immunologists
• Microbiologists
• Biotechnologists
• Nursing Schools/Colleges Students
• Pathologists
• Immunology Professionals
• Epidemiology Specialists
• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Infectious Diseases Specialists
• Medical Device Manufacturing Companies
• Other experts in Vaccines
Conference Highlights:
• Vaccination and Immunization
• Immunology and Pathology
• Cancer and Childhood vaccines
• HPV and RV Vaccines
• Plant- Based Vaccines
• Geriatric Immunization
• DNA Vaccines
• Vaccines against drugs
• Vaccination for pregnant women
• Travel Immunization
• Adaptive Immunity
• Human Vaccines-Infectious and Non- Infectious
• Immune Response to Viral Infection
• Immunizable diseases and their vaccines
• Advances in Immunology Tests
• Immunoresearch and Immunotechnology
• Vaccine Regulatory Issues
• Society and Cultural aspects of Vaccine
• Next-Generation Vaccine Delivery Technologies
• How deadly is Corona Virus?