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Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 - Friday, March 24th

4th National Nursing Ethics Conference (NNEC)

Los Angeles, California, United States
Katherine Brown-Saltzman, MA, RN

Shaping an Ethical Environment is the theme for the 4th Ethics of Caring National Nursing Ethics Conference (NNEC). Nurses are actively engaged in influencing the processes and actions that create ethical environments and directly impact the nurse, the delivery of care, interprofessional collaboration and ultimately, patient outcomes. Recognizing that nurses’ voices are required to participate in shaping those environments, the conference will emphasize the development of skills needed to manage ethical dilemmas and to enhance practice and leadership.

Over the course of this two-day immersive and interactive journey, a variety of influences on and in the healthcare environment will be explored that can affect the nurse’s actions and efforts to do the right thing for the right reasons.

The first day will examine “The difference we each can be and make” and how to maintain balance and resiliency in the process. The issues that will be covered include ways of improving the ethical culture through the concept of precision nursing, speaking up and the power of narratives. The second day’s theme is “Navigating ethical challenges”. The emphasis will be on identifying ways to support the highest professional standards of nursing practice and ethically grounded care in situations that challenge one’s values and core beliefs. Some of the topics to be addressed include care of the seriously ill and dying, assisted suicide, dementia, decision making, and challenges related to innovative treatment and technology. Poster sessions will highlight research and innovation in the field, case presentations and breakouts will engage discussion. Colleagues are encouraged to bring their experiences, expertise, challenges and voices to enrich the dialogue. Patients, families, and healthcare professionals thrive when there is a strong ethical environment, with skill and collaboration nurses can help make that happen.

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