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Bioethics Events

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - Friday, March 22nd
Event Tile: 6th National Nursing Ethics Conference
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, California, United States
TELEPHONE: 310-794-6219

By its very nature, an ethic of care calls us to address the vulnerability of those we care for as well as our own. This dual ethical obligation of self-care while caring for others recognizes that vulnerability is a thread that weaves us all together as human beings. The vulnerable person is not to be regarded as ‘other’, as it is part of the human condition to experience vulnerability; thus, it is not we, “the clinician” and they, the “ill.”

Denying our own vulnerability can drive us apart, submerging our compassion. How should one respond in an ethical way when caring for a person with a recalcitrant addiction, an unrepresented elder, the angry patient, an uninsured immigrant, or parents challenged to address best-interest decisions for their children? We have an opportunity to move beyond our defense mechanisms, reactivity, stigmatization, or biases into empathic responses where we acknowledge that human vulnerability is not only in our patients, but also in ourselves as well as in our colleagues. We need to move beyond wanting simple answers, and shifting from our fix-it interventions, to journeying through the messiness and making use of our powerful and attentive presence. We can use the human journey of vulnerability to both notice and participate in the unfolding process and the potential for unimagined outcomes. This conference will encourage awareness and reflection that will develop creative and skillful responses to the stark vulnerability that we witness in healthcare daily. In doing so, this conference will enhance your practice and promote care and compassion for the self as professional caregiver.