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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 - Friday, December 1st

Human Rights in Prisons

Boston , MA, United States

This conference is intended to promote conversation among bioethicists, human rights activists, health
care providers, spiritual and religious counselors, lawyers, social workers, and others who work in
prisons about various elements of justice as it pertains to prisoners. Justice is the core ethical principle
underlying the claim that persons have inalienable human rights and are, at a minimum, deserving of
respect. But justice can also require that individuals have certain rights revoked if they have been found
guilty of committing crimes. Our conference aims to explore the tension between these two concepts
as applied to various aspects of being a prisoner, and will delve into issues such as performing research
on prisoners and the role of physicians in prison settings, as well as considerations of race, reentry,
giving birth in prisons, and mental health among others.

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