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Bioethics Events

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 - Wednesday, September 25th
Event Tile: Infectious diseases and clinical microbiology
LOCATION: London, Select Region, United Kingdom
CONTACT: Alba Jessica
TELEPHONE: 1 (702) 988-2320

Infectious diseases and clinical Microbiological conference reserved on September 23-25, 2019 at London, UK. The theme of the conference is Terminate Emerging Infectious Diseases: New Strategies of the Aeon.
Infectious diseases and clinical Microbiological conference could be a good interactive path that gives vital updates and unforgettable scientific endeavor in infectious diseases as well as a review of recent developments and embrace interactive sessions, in-depth discussions that improve your tips and literature and assist towards increasing clinical information, performance and patient outcomes.
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IDCM 2019 Scientific Sessions:
Dermatological Infectious Diseases
Neurological Infectious Diseases
Respiratory and Pulmonary Infectious Diseases
Ophthalmological Infectious Diseases
Heart and Cardiovascular Infectious Diseases

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