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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
Event Tile: Insult to Injury During a Crisis: SIM Swap and other COVID-19 Scams Affecting Patients and Providers
LOCATION: Middletown, Delaware, Dalaware, United States
CONTACT: Compliance Key
TELEPHONE: 7172088666

Topic :Insult to Injury During a Crisis: SIM Swap and other COVID-19 Scams Affecting Patients and Providers

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The challenge for HIPAA privacy and security, cyber security and information security professionals is not alleviated with the OCR’s relaxed standards, during COVID-19. Hackers are using the COVID-19 crisis to steal information, at an alarming rate. Providers are now serving their patients at home, which have weakened security measures in place. Patients and providers information is now at risk as hackers target through telehealth portals.

Areas Covered in the Session :

SIM swapping is the one of the most lucrative scams on the rise. COVID-19 has intensified hackers desire for black market data; however, SIM swapping can not only affect patient data, it can also put the provider at risk.

Understand SIM Swapping and how it affects telehealth; and
Learn to identify COVID-19 scams
Understand the expectations of the OCR during the COVID-19 scams
Execute BAAs with Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Healthcare, Google G Suite Hangouts Meet, Cisco Webex Meetings / Webex Teams, Amazon Chime, GoToMeeting


Coy Murchison is keynote speaker at Compliance Key. She is regarded as the first Medical Device Security Analyst in the United States to integrate Biomed – Healthcare Technology Management (“HTM”) into HIPAA security as a structural compliance program. Coy Murchison developed the first of its kind – a Medical Device Security program, at Texas Health Resources, integrating a comprehensive threat prevention program which synergized HIPAA compliance across departments

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Phone : +1 717-208-8666