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Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 - Thursday, December 10th
Event Tile: International E- Conference on Nutrition and Food Science
LOCATION: London, England, United Kingdom
CONTACT: Benjamin
TELEPHONE: +44-744-880-8243

ICNFS 2020 invites participants from all over the world to attend “International E- Conference on Nutrition and Food Science” during December 09th -10th 2020.
This conference is organized around the theme “Present day research findings in Nutrition and Food Sciences.” Which covers a wide range of critically important sessions from basic research to latest innovations in the field of Nutritional & Food Sciences.
We extend a warm welcome to distinguished Nutritional & Food Sciences Nobel laureates, Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors, Researchers, students around the world to explore the Knowledge in Nutritional & Food Sciences.
Conference Highlights:
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Nutrition 2020
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