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Bioethics Events

Monday, April 13th, 2020 - Tuesday, April 14th
Event Tile: Lisa Turner
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom
CONTACT: Lisa Turner
TELEPHONE: 2038073721

We are delighted in inviting all the participants from all over the world to attend 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Alzheimer Disease, Dementia & Ageing during April 13-14. 2020 at London, UK. The theme of the conference is based on “Scientific Innovations, Research Ideologies & Clinical Practice in Alzheimer Disease & Dementia”. The conference will provide an international platform to all the researchers to discuss present and future challenges in various kinds of mental health issues, psychiatric and psychology disorders & its related problems. World-leading health professionals, clinicians, scientists and researchers will display practical, clinical and cutting-edge techniques based upon widely accepted evidence and will present new and emerging research.
We are sure Euro Dementia 2020 will be a remarkable platform for all the scientists and researchers present and imply their innovative researches, ideas and thus prompts collaboration among young researchers taking interest in the field of Psychiatry & Psychology.

Conference Agenda:
Track 1 : Dementia
Track 2 : Dementia with Lewy body
Track 3 : Alzheimers Diseases
Track 4 : Parkinson Diseases
Track 5 : Vascular Dementia
Track 6 : Brain Diseases
Track 7 : Childhood Trauma and Dementia
Track 8 : Neurological Diseases
Track 9 : Neurodegenerative Diseases
Track 10 : Neurovascular Dysfunction and Neurodegeneration
Track 11 : Neuroimaging Biomarkers
Track 12 : Neuropharmacology
Track 13 : Dementia Nursing
Track 14 : Alzheimer Disease and Cellular Mechanisms
Track 15 : Alzheimers and the Brain
Track 16 : Alzheimers Clinical Trials and Studies
Track 17 : Medical Biotechnology and Alzheimers disease
Track 18 : Diagnostic Alzheimer
Track 19 : Molecular Genetics and Biology of Dementia
Track 20 : Dementia Care and Consulting
Track 21 : Novel Therapeutics
Track 22 : Neuro Oncology and Central Nervous System