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Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Transforming Approaches to Substance Use Disorders

Baltimore, MD, United States
Sonia Smith

Individuals with substance use disorders face challenges from multiple sources, including stigma that they lack the will to overcome their addiction. Ethics, religion, and spirituality are grounded in a belief in free will: that humans with sufficient cognitive capacity and support to “do the right thing” can choose to overcome adversity, and succeed. But what allows one person to succeed and another to continuously struggle? In this conference, we address this question from various perspectives, including what different health care professions offers in support of persons with substance use disorders, as well as religious and spiritual perspectives. This event will examine the roots of addiction and components of addiction recovery, including recent trends in fatal opioid overdoses. It will also identify ethical issues that arise in caring for individuals with substance addictions (and those in recovery). Participants will discuss ways that bias towards individuals with substance addiction thwarts their recovery and how those supporting these individuals can better ally with them. We welcome health care professionals, clergy, ethics committee members, and lay individuals interested in this topic to register.

This educational program is designed to facilitate interprofessional learning. We welcome all health care professionals as well as lay persons interested in exploring these questions from the lens of ethics, religion, and spirituality, with an emphasis on how different health care professions contribute.

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