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Posted: Wednesday, September 9th, 2020
JOB TITLE: Hecht-Levi Postdoctoral Fellowship
DEADLINE: Saturday, December 19th, 2020
LOCATION: Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
CONTACT: Gail Geller
The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics is pleased to invite applications for the Hecht‐Levi Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Bioethics. The Program is seeking a few uniquely qualified postdoctoral applicants to begin this two-year fellowship in September 2021. Although an extensive background in bioethics is not required, priority will be given to applicants with at least some exposure to bioethics during their education. The selection process is highly competitive, with up to two Fellows accepted into the program each year. Additionally, we are recruiting candidates for the Ruth Faden Scholars Program (described in greater detail below). Hecht-Levi Fellowship Program Description: The Hecht-Levi Fellowship is a two-year program of study and experiential learning in bioethics administered by the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. The main goal of the Fellowship is to launch the careers of the next generation of bioethics scholars, so the program offers a considerable amount of protected time for research and publication. All Hecht-Levi Fellows participate in weekly seminars or discussions, pursue their own scholarship in bioethics, and collaborate with faculty on selected projects in bioethics. Each Fellow designs an individual program tailored to her or his particular goals, interests, and background. Hecht‐Levi Postdoctoral Fellows have access to a wide range of benefits and activities in multiple schools at Johns Hopkins, including: - Weekly seminars, presentations and discussions with leading academic and policy makers; - Individualized research program; - Bioethics coursework through the Berman Institute's Master in Bioethics program; - Postdoctoral mentoring in bioethics; - Professional development training; - Participation in the Berman Institute's outreach efforts via social media; - Teaching opportunities (commensurate with experience and background); - $60,000 per year, plus health and other benefits - $2,000 per year for travel/lodging and registration at relevant conferences Ruth Faden Scholars Program Description: Faden Scholars are a subgroup of Hecht-Levi Postdoctoral Fellows who have demonstrated scholarly interests in bioethics and potential for leadership in bioethics and public policy. Faden Scholars will participate in a number of activities in addition to those provided by the Hecht-Levi post-doctoral program, including: - Leadership training - Introduction to directors of other bioethics programs, and networking visits to bioethics programs at other Institutions - Opportunities to observe leadership in action at meetings of the Berman Institute Advisory Board and the Association of Bioethics Program Directors - Regular meetings with Professor Ruth Faden, founder of the Berman Institute - Opportunities for internships in health policy settings with bioethics focus in the Washington, DC area All Hecht-Levi Fellows are expected to be leaders in their area of scholarship and all have access to mentorship with Dr. Faden. What distinguishes Faden Scholars from other Hecht-Levi post-doctoral fellows is the additional focus of their training on future leadership in the field of bioethics. We will recruit Faden Scholars from among eligible Hecht-Levi applicants. No separate application is required, but Hecht-Levi applicants interested in applying to be a Faden Scholar should include in their personal statement both a description of their research interests and an additional short paragraph addressing the following questions: - What is the most significant leadership experience you have had in your life (not limited to bioethics leadership) and how has it shaped you? - What kinds of leadership experiences do you hope to gain as a Faden Scholar? The application window will open on October 19, 2020. Applications are due on Friday, December 18, 2020 and must be uploaded via Interfolio. - Cover Letter - Personal statement* - CV - Copy of Graduate Transcript(s) - Writing Sample - Three Letters of Reference * To include additional information for Faden Scholars For more information on the Hecht-Levi Fellowship or the Faden Scholars Program, please contact the Director of Education Initiatives, Professor Gail Geller, at

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