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Posted: Friday, May 10th, 2019
JOB TITLE: PhD candidate on bioethics, antibiotic resistance and the environment
DEADLINE: Thursday, August 15th, 2019
LOCATION: University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden
CONTACT: Christian Munthe
MORE INFO AND APPLICATION HERE: We will fund one well-qualified and highly motivated candidate to conduct research on bioethical issues in collaboration with supervisors and other researchers within EDAR. The output may include single- as well as co-authored publications, and some of these may be multidisciplinary, involving collaboration with environmental, health and social science researchers. The successful candidate is expected to address questions regarding what ethical positions to advance related to the environmental dimensions of the antibiotic resistance challenge and how these may affect incentive structures of importance for this area. This may include conceptual analysis, understanding of interest-, norm- and value conflicts, and design of proposed solutions to such conflicts, as well as practical measures to be taken in the light of this. The successful candidate’s main responsibilities will be to write a doctoral dissertation in the area mentioned above, and to complete obligatory course work. He or she may also undertake a limited amount of teaching, administration or research not directly connected to her or his dissertation topic. Such duties extend the position accordingly. The successful candidate is expected to conduct the main part of the assignment in Gothenburg, and to participate in the department’s activities, such as workshops and seminars. She or he is also expected to participate in EDAR activities, and to contribute to research and related activities within CARe. Apart from the salary, the department of philosophy, linguistics and theory of science, as well as both EDAR and CARe, offer extra funds for conference travel, research visits abroad, and so on.

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