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Global Aging and the Allocation of Health Care Across the Life Span
Norman Daniels

By the middle of this century, China will have 332 million people 65 years old or older, more elderly people than there were on the whole globe in 1990. Though China, like many developing countries, will grow old before it grows rich, even much richer countries with low fertility rates, like Italy or Spain, may not be able to sustain transfer schemes from a shrinking working-age population to a r...

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Justice Between Age Groups: An Objection to the Prudential Lifespan Approach
Nancy S. Jecker

Societal aging raises challenging ethical questions regarding the just distribution of health care between young and old. This article considers a proposal for age-based rationing of health care, which is based on the prudential life span account of justice between age groups. While important objections have been raised against the prudential life span account, it continues to dominate scholarly d...

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Treating Patients as Persons: A Capabilities Approach to Support Delivery of Person-Centered Care
Vikki A. Entwistle & Ian S. Watt

Health services internationally struggle to ensure health care is “person-centered” (or similar). In part, this is because there are many interpretations of “person-centered care” (and near synonyms), some of which seem unrealistic for some patients or situations and obscure the intrinsic value of patients’ experiences of health care delivery. The general concern behind calls for person-...

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