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An ?Opting In? Paradigm for Kidney Transplantation

Almost 60,000 people in the United States with end stage renal disease are waiting for a kidney transplant. Because of the scarcity of organs from deceased donors live kidney donors have become a critical source of organs; in 2001, for the first time in recent decades, the number of live kidney donors exceeded the number of deceased donors. The paradigm used to justify putting live kidney donors a...

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Lying to Insurance Companies: The Desire to Deceive among Physicians and the Public

This study examines the public’s and physicians’ willingness to support deception of insurance companies in order to obtain necessary healthcare services and how this support varies based on perceptions of physicians’ time pressures. Based on surveys of 700 prospective jurors and 1617 physicians, the public was more than twice as likely as physicians to sanction deception (26%ver...

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