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Undue Inducement: Nonsense on Stilts?

Undue inducement is a very common charge in biomedical research. Too common. The charge is almost always inaccurate and incorrect. It usually reflects a separate ethical concern that has been transmuted and appended to a concern about inducements. This transformation is wrong, and usually distracts people from a real ethical concern that should be addressed. In this sense, the charge of undue indu...

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A Draft Model Aggregated Code of Ethics for Bioethicists

Abstract: Bioethicists function in an environment in which their peers?healthcare executives, lawyers, nurses, physicians?assert the integrity of their fields through codes of professional ethics. Is it time for bioethics to assert its integrity by developing a code of ethics? Answering in the affirmative, this paper lays out a case by reviewing the historical nature and function of professional c...

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Adolescent Decisional Autonomy Regarding Participation in an Emergency Department Youth Violence Interview

Much attention has been given to determining whether an adolescent patient has the capacity to consent to research. This study explores the factors that influence adolescents’ decisions to participate in a research study about youth violence and to determine positive or negative feelings elicited by being a research subject. The majority of subjects perceived their decision to participate to...

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