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Can Medical Repatriation Be Ethical? Establishing Best Practices
Mark Kuczewskia

Hospitals in the United States have been engaging in the practice of returning immigrant patients, usually undocumented immigrant patients, to their country of origin when the patient has long-term medical needs for which no reimbursement is available. I argue that for such an action to be ethical, it must be done in accordance with the mission and values of hospitals. I describe three standards t...

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Reframing the Ethical Issues in Part-Human Animal Research: The Unbearable Ontology of Inexorable Moral Confusion
Matthew H. Haber , Bryan Benham

Research that involves the creation of animals with human-derived parts opens the door to potentially valuable scientific and therapeutic advances, yet invokes unsettling moral questions. Critics and champions alike stand to gain from clear identification and careful consideration of the strongest ethical objections to this research. A prevailing objection argues that crossing the human/nonhuman s...

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Telecare, Surveillance, and the Welfare State
Tom Sorell , Heather Draper

In Europe, telecare is the use of remote monitoring technology to enable vulnerable people to live independently in their own homes. The technology includes electronic tags and sensors that transmit information about the user’s location and patterns of behavior in the user’s home to an external hub, where it can trigger an intervention in an emergency. Telecare users in the United King...

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