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The Morality of Saved Lives
Rajaie Batniji & Paul H. Wise


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In Defense of Irreligious Bioethics
Timothy F. Murphy

Some commentators have criticized bioethics as failing to engage religion both as a matter of theory and practice. Bioethics should work toward understanding the influence of religion as it represents people’s beliefs and practices, but bioethics should nevertheless observe limits in regard to religion as it does its normative work. Irreligious skepticism toward religious views about health,...

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Global Health Justice and Governance
Jennifer Prah Ruger

While there is a growing body of work on moral issues and global governance in the fields of global justice and international relations, little work has connected principles of global health justice with those of global health governance for a theory of global health. Such a theory would enable analysis and evaluation of the current global health system and would ethically and empirically ground p...

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