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Should Researchers Offer Results to Family Members of Cancer Biobank Participants? A Mixed-Methods Study of Proband and Family Preferences

Deborah R. Gordon, Carmen Radecki Breitkopf, Marguerite Robinson, Wesley O. Petersen, Jason S. Egginton, Kari G. Chaffee, Gloria M. Petersen, Susan M. Wolf & Barbara A. Koenig

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Framing the diagnosis and treatment of absolute uterine factor infertility: Insights from in-depth interviews with uterus transplant trial participants

Elliott G. Richards, Patricia K. Agatisa, Anne C. Davis, Rebecca Flyckt, Hilary Mabel, Tommaso Falcone, Andreas Tzakis & Ruth M. Farrell

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Impartiality and infectious disease: Prioritizing individuals versus the collective in antibiotic prescription

Bernadine Dao, Thomas Douglas, Alberto Giubilini, Julian Savulescu, Michael Selgelid & Nadira S. Faber

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